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Global Banking Finance Review

are again honored to receive this Global Banking Finance Review award in recognition of our dedication to serving the corporate trust needs of our client, We value our long standing relationships coque rugby samsung j3 2017 with our clients and accept this award coque samsung galaxy j5 2017 emoji as validation of our division efforts and of the broader coque samsung j3 2017 mandala noir qualities of our bank.Marianne Bamonte”We are very proud to have won five awards from Global Banking and Finance Review and are especially pleased to be nominated as winner of this year’s “Best Internet Bank in Qatar”. Internet banking coque samsung galaxy j3 2017 taureau is an area where we continue to invest coque samsung galaxy j5 2017 kpop heavily as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in coque samsung j4 plus rose bonbon the customer experience, offering the ability to conduct banking transactions anywhere, anytime.Mr. Steve coque de samsung j5 2017 disney TroopCEO / Barwa Bank”CaixaBI was a strong contributor for coque eau samsung galaxy j5 the recovery of the Portuguese economy as we played a very significant role in the boosting of the so needed capital markets, both equity and debt. The operations we lead were landmarks considering that the Portuguese equity capital market coque samsung j3 2016 non transparente was desert for the last five years. It is then a great pleasure to see that CaixaBIs performance in 2013 was coque bumper samsung galaxy j3 2017 noted by Global Baking Finance Reviews analysts whose echoes surely help the international perception about the leading player in the Portuguese investment banking industry.”Managing Director / Caixa Banco de Investimentoaward reaffirms DGCX’s growing profile regionally and internationally as an exchange that provides the right investment tools, in the right place at the right time. Winner of Global Commodities Exchange 2012″Chief Executive Officer / DGCXWe are extremely proud to have been selected for three prestigious awards by Global Banking and Finance Review. We are steadfastly committed to strive for excellence and innovation thereby adding value to our clients and propelling the countrys capital markets to the international pedestal. The economic growth and prospects of the country will naturally call for best in class knowledge and practices in our capital markets in order to cater to the growing needs.”CEO / NDB Capital Holdings PLC”It is coque j3 2016 samsung fille original indeed a delightful moment for us at NDBIB to be recognised as the best investment bank in the country and particularly with regard to the recognition of many innovative financial products and services that we have offered coque samsung j3 6 football to the capital markets. Innovation is a critical success factor in the dynamic financial services spectrum and hence these awards provide ample evidence of the success achieved by NDBIB in its quest for continuous innovation. I am confident that these accolades by Global Banking and Finance Review would motivate the NDBIB team by recognising exceptional performance and inspire us to achieve greater heights”CEO / NDBIB”This international reward clearly highlights alizzislamic bank’s commitment to producing world class and competitive banking solutions that meet the growing demand coque samsung j3 kawai of Shari’a compliant products and services,” said , Acting Chief Executive Officer at alizzislamic bank. “With our forecast to achieve up to 15% year on year growth for assets, financing or deposits, 2014 will be an exciting year for us with plans to invest more in technology, introduce a wider selection of personal and business products, as well etui coque samsung j3 2016 as, launch new branches across the Sultanate. Innovation and quality are at the forefront of our strategy to offer customers what they need for a successful journey,”Acting CEO / Alizz Islamic Bankthe second year in a row we have won prestigious awards from Global Banking Finance Review We are cognizant of the fact that the Forex market is extremely competitive in Asia and we feel these awards speak volumes about our position in market. We take great pride in offering uprecedented fund samsung j5 2017 coques safety along with institutional style trade execution and other world class services above and beyond what our competition offers. Continuous winning of awards like these illustrates these attributes”President / FXPRIMUS”We are honored to coque entiere samsung a70 have been selected as Best Islamic Banking Technology Provider in 2013 both regionally in the Middle East GCC and also worldwide. Winning in both categories is truly amazing news and a powerful validation for Path Solutions’ progressive and inspirational role in the developments taking place within the global Islamic financial community. The award and recognition indicate that Takaful IKHLAS’ products has gained the attention of the society in Malaysia as well as overseas,”..

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