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Best Safety App For Emergency Situations

Noonlight On Tinder

The Noonlight app is meant to protect anyone of you, whether you are at your home, office, taking a walk in the park, or anywhere else you might be. All you samsung galaxy s7 edge coque uag need to do get it activated is to go and get your account coque jaune samsung s8 created, plug it in with your devices and you will stay protected. With the Noonlight app, you will never be required to ask the assistance of 9 1 1 ever again. The app is incredibly easy to use. When you want to activate coque samsung s9 camel its assistance, all you need to do is open the app, tap and hold on a “Shield” on their main app home screen.

When you reach a place coque samsung s8 gta 5 you consider safe and believe you no longer require the assistance of emergency services, just release that tap and the app will require you to enter a secure pin coque spigen samsung s7 comprising of four digits in order to disable the alarm.

Noonlight claims to have extended its protection to over 2 million people. The app initially began as just a simple project that would assist people to be safe when they were taking a walk outside. But now, the Noonlight app has transformed into an all encompassing service consisting of emergency response APIs, which can be connected to your IoT products to help coque s8 samsung marrante you be safe wherever you are and whatever situation you might find yourself in.

From your health based wearables to your smart home appliances, the Noonlight app can samsung s9 coque integrale silicone be connected with a multitude of devices.

The Noonlight app’s mission says it all “To protect and comfort people so they can live freely”.

The Noonlight App America’s No 1 Safety App:

The Noonlight app has tons of impressive features, but what makes it coque de marque pour samsung s8 the top safety app to go for are as follows:

The app allows you to forward your exact location to anyone you want without inviting attention just by tapping on a button on samsung galaxy s8 coque 360 its home screen.

The app allows you to save details of anyone you are about to meet, where you are about to meet them and at what time. Details can come in incredibly handy if something bad is to happen to you.

The app has a “Safety Network” where you can add your trusted friends and family to be on the lookout for you.

The app can be connected to samsung s7 edge coque rigide all sorts of smart devices, which means that help can arrive faster and be more relevant.

The Noonlight App Explained:

We can feel unsafe coque silicone licorne samsung s7 edge at any point in time. Any person from any gender, in any situation can feel unsafe. From our large urban spaces to quiet city suburbs, you can find yourself all alone being followed by a strange person.

From aggravated assault to robbery to kidnapping to sexual assault, there can be a lot of threats that this person can pose to you. The easiest option available to most was to dial 9 1 1 and call for emergency response.

But this has a loophole. You can’t pull up your phone, dial and start talking to a security responder when someone suspicious is following coque samsung s10 loup you. Maybe they might take an action and be of harm to you or start acting aggressive. Sometimes you need to ward off attention but still require help in the fastest way possible.

This is where coque samsung s8 silicone ecriture the Noonlight App comes in.

Zach Winkler had a team of safety coque samsung s7 burga officers with him and when he noticed during his stint at the St. Louis campus that at night, women wouldn’t feel samsung galaxy a5 coque safe while taking a walk outside. He pondered over the question that could there be a better way for these women to get help if something wrong happened Thus they started working on an app idea that later became SafeTrek. The app was introduced in 2013 and was a small time success.

However, in 2018, the app underwent a major revamp to include modern features in it and make it easier to use. The coque samsung s7 edge chien app was rebranded as the “Noonlight App”.

Noonlight On Tinder:

Tinder is the most used dating app out there and hundreds of thousands of people use it every day to scout for romantic partners. However, when you are about to meet with someone new, you are bound to feel anxious and safety definitely comes first. That’s why Noonlight has partnered with Tinder to keep you safe during such situations…

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